Whenever you conduct business abroad, it is best to have experts on your side. No matter how good your advisors at home may be, it is never enough when things develop in another country that has an entirely different legal system. Mexican laws are derived from Roman Law and have had important influences from French, German, Italian, American and, of course, Spanish legal systems.

Arriaga y Domínguez is a Law Firm based in Mexico City, where very important business takes place, especially after the various free trade agreements and treaties Mexico has entered into with the United States of America, Canada, the European Union, Israel, Chile, Bolivia, Nicaragua and Costa Rica, among other countries. We specialize in civil, mercantile, corporate, administrative and labor law as well as litigation. We are a group of law professionals with broad experience in the law branches in which we practice. We are also well known in the academic and government fields as well as in the diverse courts, both administrative and of the Federal Judiciary.

Our activities incorporate rigorous analyses of judicial problems, including the theoretical, jurisprudential and, of course, practical aspects. Our initial assessment is intended to avoid any possible conflicts that could arise later in a case by establishing the basis for solutions to them in advance and, therefore, resolving any problems in the best manner possible for our clients should they occur. Nevertheless, we stand ready to take any litigation to the civil and mercantile courts.

As experts in various areas of administrative law, we can provide all the necessary elements to our clients needed to meet precisely every requirement related to their activities. Our specialties encompass all kinds of conflicting procedures required by authorities that affect the interests of our clients.

The Firm has expertise in Mexican labor law regulations that apply to the individual as well as to collective relations, which is why we can provide all kinds of assessment, contract preparation and litigation in the Federal and/or local labor courts.

One area in which the firm has much skill, experience and recognition is litigation, especially the "amparo" trial, which is a procedure pertaining to constitutional guarantees that implies the idea of the writ of injunction, the writ of mandamus, the writ of certiorari, the writ of habeas corpus, etc. Our law firm is one of a select few that can be called true experts in constitutional jurisdiction. In most of the cases that we take to defend we are able to resolve any matter in dispute for the benefit of our clients.

Our partners are and/or have been university professors who come from very important judicial cultural backgrounds, which adds a great deal of experience throughout the most important law areas in Mexico and has allowed us to render high quality professional services in law.