Attorney graduate of the Law School of the National Autonomous University of Mexico.

He was a litigating associate at the Law Firm of Mr. Miguel Barrios Gómez.

He was First Secretary of the Unitary Circuit Court of the Federal Judiciary in Querétaro.

He was Assistant Secretary of the Ministry of Communications and Transportation.

He was Judicial Assistant to the General Secretary of the Federal District Department.

He was Judicial Director of the Ministry of Labor and Social Prevention.

He was Director of Human Resources for the National Mexican Railroads.

He was Manager of Industrial Relations for the corporations Cal de Apasco, S.A., Cal Química Mexicana, S.A. de C.V. and Cal de Aguascalientes, S.A.

He has been Judicial Director of Grupo Calidra.

He has been Labor Law, Sociology and Political Theory Professor at the National Autonomous University of Mexico and at the Anáhuac University and has been a conference speaker in various universities around the country.

He is a permanent writer in the labor law review "Revista Laboral"

He is a member of the Mexican Academy of Labor Law and Social Prevention and permanent member of the Latin American Institute of Labor Law.

Given his experience in many professional areas, he has become an expert in civil, mercantile, corporate and labor law.