We assess the operations of importers and exporters related to foreign commerce and customs law, including the correct application of non-tariff regulations and restrictions (NOMīS - Mexican Official Rules, compensatory quotas, previous permits, sanitary authorizations, animal and plants sanity, etc.) and verify merchandise tariff classifications and duties.

One important area in which the firm provides legal consulting is in relation to the Free Trade Agreements and Treaties in which Mexico is a part (NAFTA, G3, Chile, Bolivia, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, European Union and Israel) as well as ALADI. We provide the evaluation and processing for temporary import programs to produce exportation merchandise (Pitex) and Manufacturing Exports, as well as those for the authorization and widening of sectorial promotional programs. Our activities include all processing necessary to register enterprises as importers and all sectorial registrations.

Our Firm takes care of all necessary administrative disputes related to PAMAS (administrative procedures) and annulment trials in customs matters.


We offer all evaluation and planning necessary to form the most appropriate corporate structure, up to the incorporation of conglomerates, preparing association agreements and the articles of incorporation, including the protection of minority rights and means of share control. Our specialty includes corporate restructuring, company mergers, acquisitions, public offer of shares and other assets in Mexico and abroad, as well as joint ventures, associations, and legal audits of enterprises for the purposes of corporate regularization, restructuring, acquisitions and the like.

Our main objective is to evaluate our clients from the perspective of avoiding legal problems. To accomplish this goal, we keep them well informed and up to date of the latest legal regulations and administrative requirements that can affect their businesses and operations.


We have the knowledge and experience required for evaluating foreign investor projects in Mexico, as well as Mexican investors in joint investment projects with foreigners.

The Firm considers it of utmost importance the assessment of Mexican enterprises using foreign capital, and equally whether foreign investors are in compliance with the legal regulations in these matters and their representation before the corresponding authorities, including the National Commission of Foreign Investments, the Agency of Foreign Investments and the National Registry of Foreign Investments.


We are specialists in this area, with academic and professional recognition in Mexico and elsewhere, rendering our consulting services and representing our clients before the various authorities and in litigation with labor and in the federal and local courts.


We have the most extensive knowledge in public bid procedures, both national and international. We are prepared to give our clients an orientation and all the judicial background to participate in public bids, especially those of Agencies of the Mexican Federal Government and in the Federal District, and even other states of the Mexican Republic.

We are able to use all judicial means necessary for participating in bids, pursuing administrative instances of "non-conformity", revision of annulment trials and, of course, constitutional "amparo" trials. The Firm pursues all avenues necessary to guarantee the rights of our clients not only to participate, but also to gain their fair share of, or win outright, contracts derived from public bids.

In the same way, we can evaluate those who have already obtained a contract in procurement, services or public works regarding fulfilling obligations, contesting cancellations or protesting non-compliance by government agencies.

We are the only law firm in Mexico that renders this level of service whenever necessary, with abundant experience and detailed knowledge of the regulations pertaining to these issues, as well as the criteria used by administrative authorities and courts in the resolution of these kinds of matters.


The Firm also handles legal aspects related to industrial and intellectual property, that is, patents, trademarks and copyrights, including issues such as their registration, actualization and protection before administrative authorities and tribunals in the case of dispute. In the same manner, the Firm has the experience in the preparation and negotiation of licensing contracts.


We supervise the preparation of estates, estate trusts and other legal structures related to inheritances, as well as the execution of trials related to these matters.