The Firm represents the interests of its clients before local and federal civil and mercantile courts in the Federal District (Mexico City) and neighboring states. We also coordinate and supervise the handling of such matters outside these regions in collaboration with local attorneys.

In civil matters we handle diverse kinds of procedures, including ones related to real estate property, contract and non-contractual responsibility, obliged accomplishment and cancellation of civil contracts.

In the mercantile area we handle litigation related to the completion of mercantile contracts of a diverse nature, including corporate litigation like conflicts and, in general, actions related to businesses dealing with persons and corporate issues.

We represent our clients before the federal courts all the way up to the Supreme Court of Justice in Mexico in civil and mercantile matters as well as those involving the federal government.


We have a profound knowledge in these matters from the academic, jurisprudential and practical points of view. Our partners have spoken in conferences on various topics organized by several universities around the country, as well as by the Federal Judiciary and diverse professional attorney associations.

Our experience and knowledge of the constitutional trial of amparo have been developed through several years and different forums in handling this kind of litigation, such as writing articles related to constitutional problems and giving classes and conferences about themes related to the amparo trial. We can determine with precision the validity of all kinds of statutes implemented by administrative and judicial authorities, and litigate those laws, administrative regulations and international treaties found legally problematic.


This is an area in which litigation requires a lot of specialized ability in the handling of arguments that are invoked, the judicial periods, the doctrine and the jurisprudence, which are concepts that come naturally to us. Civil litigation in Mexico inevitably concludes in a trial of amparo (even though there may be occasions in which a number of amparos have to be filed), which happens to be the primary area of our specialty. In this way, the procedures in these matters are backed up by the possibility of closing a litigation with a definitive judgement that in a constitutional trial would benefit our clients.


We have the experience and knowledge to litigate matters in this area before the Fiscal and Administrative Federation Court, to avoid excessive charges of taxes of all kinds and to combat any sanctions for alleged ommissions or lack of accuracy in declaring taxes by corporations or people.